Monday, August 27, 2007

reverserewindbackwards FASTFORWARD motion

I have been back in the city for two nights now. Travel--usually exhausting--can either be smooth and pain-free OR unnerving and torturous. The latter is where I will be leaning towards--aahh, only the quick can keep up with Erica's wit......

On Saturday, at around 11:45 AM in Montreal, I was sweating behind my ears and tapping my strained fingertips lightly on the tray table in front of me. AIR CANADA has some f'ed up policy where you have to pick up your luggage and carry it with you through customs ALL whilst you try to make your connecting flight. It's heinous bullshit.

Check out my sassy French cuss words--putain merde fais chier!

The best part about the whole thing is that I only had 30 minutes to do all of this. On the flight to Montreal, I shared the middle row of seats with the only children travelling alone. Two sugary sweet, freckle-faced ginger girls with no concept of personal space. The eldest was knocking so hard on puberty's door that the pimple by her lip sang songs to the tune of "O Canada, My Canada." Delicious. They both seemed to have flown plenty of times in their young lives, but were never explained that their economy size seats were not their living room. The only words that we shared were when I helped them fill out their customs form and when the eldest's eyes glossed over when she realized that I was from the United States. Needless to say, I missed the connecting flight after being rushed and misdirected by most of the staff at the airport. I was bumped onto a later flight with plenty of delays, and by the grace of the Almighty I made it safe and sound back in the city.

So, she's back.

At LaGuardia, I was greeted by the moist heat and heavy stench of the city. I felt proud--mostly because of the familiarity of the homestead. The sparks and twinges that I'm used to experiencing when I arrive from being away from my city were minimal. My feelings have been that of indifference in recent years. Does indifference signify comfortability? Home? The place is still magical to me, but my feelings refer to the city as more of a possession and less of the mystical place that cast its spell on me almost 7 years ago.

"The current of life is to uncover life's gems when our gaze is decidedly elsewhere."

I am very excited about the creation of this blog. It will document my zipzapzany thoughts as well as the happenings of theOMNIVOROUSgroup. I will be the commentator--omnivorouSis.

Check back for more info on the upcoming OMNIVOROUSdance series.


Friday, August 24, 2007


First blogspot.

I fly out of London tomorrow morning at 10. My two month journey of renewal, enlightenment, and divine goodness is complete and I am now returning to dirty stinkin' rotten NYC. I'm lovin' it like McDonald's.

Dave Rave told me that the south of France is "God's country." He was right.
I have found my second home.

This first post shall be short and perfectly sweet because I MUST put myself to bed for tomorrow's early morning.

dream sweet.