Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"I don't rehearse, because performance art is not about rehearsal; that's what makes it different from theater." Marina Abramovic

And, that may be the only difference.

NY mag's latest piece on The Artist is Present

Intimacy as performance--roles that we take on to please ourselves and our partners. Places of understanding. These are considered our comfort zones where we fearlessly shield connection--therefore connection as a performer is also slightly disconnected? Nothing new, but what can be removed is the unattainable shadow of abstraction surrounding performance. Interaction is perhaps a variable; and regardless of its definition, its presence within performance art and theater are consistent and reflective. An audience will applaud or will stare at you stone faced without any understanding of what might have actually occurred. It seems that an audience reaction is not necessary.

However, this is the difference between intimacy and performance. Interaction must be static to cause exchange, dynamic, and finality. And it appears that expression may exist simultaneously within courage because the advances are based on assumption, repetition, and intuition.

excerpt from cowboy

Monday, May 10, 2010

My Beatitudes, July 2007

Never complain.


Ask questions.

Intervene for your friends.

Expect nothing. HOPE for everything.

What your friends and loved ones believe is their gospel. Accept it, knowing the truth and let them feel comforted. Educate but do not humiliate.

Look directly into the sun--stare directly into the light.


Walk in the originality of your own path.

Spend wisely—time and money.

Always sing OUT LOUD.

Work hard and NEVER give up.

Ignore the devil--he is very busy.

Wash your hands, BEFORE and after indulgence—food, sex, and learning.

Say, “I love you”. Expect it in return.


Nourish your body with good food and good drink.


Discuss sadness and tragedy as a way towards healing.

Remember, that your heart is your family and the foundation of your soul. Please do not forget this.

Speak to the dearly departed at rest and at rise.

Believe that God is everywhere and seek His inspiration.

Cry. Wail. Crumble. Release.

Do NOT explain yourself.

Enjoy laughter from your belly as often as you can.

Compromise nothing for a full experience. Be present.

Relish in your rebellion, but do not pursue it.

Maintain mystery.

Leave home and know you are allowed to look back.

Friday, May 7, 2010

PUERTO RICAN DISCOVERY #23: Portrait In Raising Self Esteem by Sandra Maria Esteves

Brooding Woman (recto), Three Children (verso)
Pablo Picasso (Spanish, 1881-1973)

Flirtatious dreamers
we judge ourselves all wrong

Backward guilt
feet-first jumpstarts into birth
innocent to realize
rain days can be good
blessings from heaven

We watch for signs
Survival manna
slow to discover learning lessons
on an oceanic route
full of rocky struts
fathomless caves
voluptuous hills
sea water from the unexpected...

We are infants compared to the universe
a wise great-grandmother
who can harvest the stars around the moon

The names of all things are sacred
like thoughts breathing clean air
More than loving
living means giving
Like homegrown food
from the eternal harvest within

But for real.