Tuesday, December 18, 2007


The length of day requires isolation.
Shivering in my cold, leaving oxygen particles on my invisible window/mirror.
Personal inventory,
And glazed eyes.
A few etchings are made in my mental steno pad.
Tears creep as I recall earlier sagas,
And love lingers in its usual wayside longing.
My nails are dirty and the wind is crackly
Whispering chastisement for my habit.
Time chisels-clearing away for the new.
My fingertips burn waiting for my lips to purge this moment’s fire.
Heavy lidded, romantic lashes.
I’m sleepy.
I ash and exit my temporary retreat.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

OMNI-JAVA in Greenpoint

Friday evening's inaugural reading for theOMNIVOROUSgroup was a glowing success and a sincere representation of the collective's potential. Iandry presented his Popcan, as a "community art" piece, allowing us all to paint and contribute.

The evening was hosted by yours truly, including Richard Morales, Sierra Marcks, Caroline V. McGraw, and Adam Chandler.
Poetry and essays were presented.

floating Mary

John's Explosions, one of which was sold that evening.

Iandry's near complete popcan/map.

The space was perfect and the audience was receptive and eager. It was a beautiful evening and truly the beginning of something special. Check back for upcoming info on the next OMNIVOROUS reading!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

*card created by my John Baber

*the first OMNIVOROUS reading at Java Studios
Friday, December 14th @ 730
244 Java St.
G to Greenpoint Ave.

Featuring work by Sierra Marcks, Richard Morales, Caroline V. McGraw, Adam Chandler, and Erica Cardwell

Mural by IANDRY


theOMNIVOROUSgroup is an artist's collective that will harbor my own work-visual and written-along with providing support for those that recognize the urgency of expression.