Thursday, June 26, 2008

All I want to do, is grow old with you.

tiny birds

the boys!

the girls!

death to R2D2

Proof that my mother was in attendance.

*Welcome to Part Two of your outlook for the second half of 2008, Pisces. I'm hoping that six months from now, you'll look back and make the following declaration: "This year I was a real artist in the way I lived my life. Everything I did was like working on a beautiful masterpiece. I had a sixth sense about when to shut up and when to speak out, when to pull back and when to push on, when to recharge and when to ripen. Whenever my efforts were ready to climax, I brought them to a climax and moved on to the next adventure. So here's the big question: What can I do to keep cultivating this adroit and graceful approach to being alive?"

*courtesy of Mr. Rob Brezsney's Free Will Astrology for the week of June 27 to July 4, 2008.

If you'd like to view your horoscope, click here.

Friday, June 20, 2008

one of these things first

Certainly, Nick Drake, certainly. has been left to twiddle its thumbs for nearly three months. Rather than attempt to put up several separate posts as updates on time passed, I've decided to post a photo album of sorts--with some random pics to keep things colorful and emotional. Heather's graduation from Gallatin program at NYU; the Off the Hook performance of Eddy Fortune's original work, Chasing Chris; Danielle's Bachelorette Party spectacular; the end of the nannying gig; my roommate Richard pre-departure to Uruguay and Argentina....

A bientot pretty Ricky!

We've been blessed with a fantastic subleter named Kristine. She's a photographer and you can see her work here. She's been a really supportive listener and friend over the past few months and I'm glad to know her.

Professor Acs. The pic below is a blurry action shot with no flash, but I dig it. The semiotics are profound. Diploma under one arm, the other arm almost in low fifth, a downward gaze. I think we're going places!

Pink headphones from Glenn!

As a part of her thesis, Heather performed her piece, "what the brain forgets and the heart denies the body remembers" at the TANK at Collective Unconscious. Unfortunately, I don't have any of the video still yet-- but soon. Her work was extraordinary and complete, a real privilege and inspiration for me as an artist and her sister.

To open her show, I read a working piece about my father loosely titled, "Cowboy". It was helpful to get some feedback and positive response. As my schedule opens up a bit more, I look forward to pounding out more "cowboy" text.

My argyle darling, Glenn, will be performing in the return of LUSTRE at Abrons Arts this week, beginning on June 25th. If you missed it the first time around at P.S. 122, PLEASE don't miss it this time. It is truly a religious experience --moving and fabulous...LUSTRE will rock you.

Glenn Marla and Justin Bond will take you to church.

Tonya, Eddy, and exhausted me post opening night of the OTH show.

Eddy's play was a tangled gangster piece with an all female cast. Tonya played the mob leader and instead of actual gunshots, I used the sound of a snare drum. That's me--always keeping it soft and funky. OTH has definitely served as directing school for me.

*just a little transitional Henriette Jones to keep things inspired

AND...onward to May. Hen Night.

She looks beautiful in that hat, doesn't she? Josh and I made it whilst watching Coming to America. Look closely and you'll notice that her candy necklace is made of tiny penises.
I don't think I've ever felt that much pressure to pull something off RIGHT before in my life. The stress was obviously because I love my D-dawg so much. But by the start of the party, my anxiety attacks could be clocked.

Sequinette schooling Danielle, "Dolly-style".
My camera broke that night so I am slowly collecting photos from people's online albums.

Here's a sweet pic of Clarke (a kid I used to nanny) in his tennis uniform with a mouthful of chicken. He's a doll and we used to laugh a lot together. I'm just a big kid.

And there's some Ben thrown into the mix. He somehow looks like an adult to me in this picture--so coy, yet underwater in thought all at once. My little brother/best friend.

I told you! She's taking off!

My niece, Heaven Leigh doing what the women in my family do best--laugh our asses off.

I am directing Jose Rivera's Sonnets for an Old Century this summer, to be performed in early October. It's exciting to cut my teeth on a large project. It way past time and definitely signals the beginning of a new aspect of my journey.

My "time spent pastiche" will close with a poem I have been working on. It's continuing my meter-less, disjointed style and finally chronicles something I've been hesitant to approach and see through.
It needs some work...nonetheless, here are my naked words.


My psyche dives into my belly, swimming within my nerves.
I don’t know what I have never felt; making this new.
I detect a barrier.
The key in my mouth and the combination in my heart do not match.
One was made earlier than the other.
Since love is war, then peace and conquest are mere accessories.
My armor needs earrings.
A bracelet made of your lacey fingers, perhaps.
I succumb to your tingly tangle of tumult tasting terrific touch.
My knuckles pinch your eyelids.
Pushing for immersion within my members embers.
I begin to contend with the guard.
“Paris is burning”, murmured he, as he lay breathing next to me.
The key in my mouth and the combination in my heart do not match.
Give me your hand.
Safety is a slave, requiring ambition.
Remove the shackles, slicing the skin to watch the blue/black blood drip drop red.
Let me free you.
Love you.
Strong you.
It appears that you don’t want any company.
The key in my mouth and the combination in my heart do not match.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I haven't posted in awhile. My schedule's been insane to induce tears and malnourishment. Here's a pic taken by my friend Lori at the big Thanksgiving celebration at my crib. It's a little b/w father daughter action. I love it. Lots are in the works for me and lots have passed as well. Lots--parking, happenings, and theater...ha!
Get it.
Get me.
Get there.

I'm dealing with issues of time, of late.
More to come.