Monday, March 23, 2009


"Learn how to earn better." - Jay-Z

Guess Whos Back - Jay-Z, Beanie Sigel, Scarface

As responsibility goes, dear Obama is getting the shit end of the stick as he scrambles to save our drowning economy. It sucks to be the one left holding the gun.

There's a lot of mental/social chaos right now with newly jobless folks and recession specials popping up left and right. AIG is cushioning its employees whilst my customers are looking more sleep deprived and credit card happy. I am concerned that everyone will freak out and up their medication dosages. I'd rather deal with a more revolutionary freak out...a movement perhaps? Times are astronomically alarming-- materializing monies, technological advances so heightened that CD and record stores are closing and Insignia creates digital books alleviating the NEED (?) for newspapers and libraries (I'm old fashioned!). I'm trying not to think about the money I spent last year and the bills I paid late...ah, sounds like its time to make some shit. Or exit....

Now that Sonnets is over this time around, I am returning to my second city. I'll be staying in Paris for a month, developing Jean Genet's THE BLACKS. I am looking forward to this project because it's been stored in my cerebral filing cabinet for almost 5 years. I will be taking language classes and studying ballet again.

I'm attracted to post-chaos or hysterical creation--Dada and Beat--reactionary and provocative substance. I feel even more called to contribute. We should be hungry now. I am thrilled to devote time to Jean Genet's work----a legacy exemplary of our current time-- raw, frightened, yet ready.

We should nurture what is within us....because, we are all we've got.

I document what imprints my inner skin--heart stains, visible feelings and tangible breath. This winter, it was paranoia, hatefulness, grief, scorned and art-tired. Whoa, useless lamentations from the battleground?! Pitiful complaints, indeed. My gratitude does extend to the sheets on my bed and the socks on my feet. I am still fighting, hoping to hide the scars that no one wants to see.

Intuition--chosen to provide something.

Sonnets is about week-shy of completing its second run at the Nuyorican. It was glorious and great, GREAT exhausted fun. The cast is remarkable and hard working--all looking out for the greater good of the project. As I've said before, dedication such as this, could do nothing but serve as a springboard for every artist involved.