Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Santogold's "L.E.S. Artists"

My introduction to Santogold was not as glamorous as Sasha Frere Jones' encounter as the opener to Bjork's Madison Square Garden show. While babysitting, I heard a quick loop in the opening sequence of the usually pleasing theatricality of a Grey's Anatomy episode. The show really sold the song; the actors were clearly filmed dancing in real time facing away from the camera, then converted to slo-mo in production--Fantastic juxtaposition. I was immediately obsessed and ran home to go on handy dandy to uncover the source.

First impressions liken her sound to M.I.A., the latest rowdy female on the scene, but thankfully Santi White has managed to set herself apart--a bit. M.I.A.'s sound is slightly more retro and organic with homemade instruments and created sounds, and Santi beats are more studio produced. Nonetheless, she's hit my soft spot for eccentric AND fragile female artists.

Here's her latest vid for L.E.S. Artists.

She looks great and every frame is symmetrical with tons of funky, Sesame Street gore. I can dig it. Although, I wouldn't have minded the song's video set in a typical run-down and half empty NYC apartment on a hot summer day, leaving Santi sweating out the words from the hardwood floors. I could have waited for the sun.

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