Monday, January 19, 2009

I love showing off, yet I've somehow developed stage fright in my old age. I can jump into my scenes at a rehearsals, provide examples within acting exercises, and after a few cocktails I will gladly lead the soul train line, but when it's time to step into the light and click record I start to squirm. What am I afraid of? What do I think people will see? What will be amplified--something I don't want to be seen? It taps into my issues with doing or being wrong or inferior. This is the antithesis of the philosophies I promote. Be yourself. Value your art and equate your art as YOU. I choose pretty expositional medium to claim an issue with stage fright. Not stage fright, just fright. Fear. Fear that I will be found out.

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musicblogspace said...

I used to feel exactly the same. What I understood is that art could bring you to express feelings you're trying to forget or hide from yourself and that's why it happened to me. Once you're aware of what needs to be fixed inside the fear's gone