Tuesday, November 2, 2010



Riddled by insanity
And coupled with guilt
I lean towards the past
To influence my tilt
Towards something…
Other than the empty
I see
Therefore plaguing me
With questions unanswered
Floating around
Provoking me to curse the ground
That God made.
The spirit that I believe
Allows me to stand
Up and through
the great new YOU
I would like to create
However I am limited by fate
Or thought,
That’s what I thought.
Until the endings were presented.
I am aware of my mind’s theories represented
I inspect forethought with painful shores
Brought here to not RE-create
Recreate, play,
I see the clean day
Where I will determine my family.
Standing firm while listening, readily,
And free
To feel and experience the ill
Beauty denied
Before our decline.
Please be kind.
Remind me to rewind.

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