Friday, August 3, 2012


Nu Assis, Egon Schiele

Of all the things she could have learned
Throughout the drama she never confirmed.

She saw her days as hungry displays
Of unusual advances and disoriented ways.

She dove into truth like a handsome lunch,
Never suspecting that she'd ordered too much.

And now with full belly and sore arms,
She's ready to send it back or beyond.

Purging the bounty that gave her this,
Enormous space of emptiness.

A stomach filled with the pain of indulging,
Too fast and too slow for her insatiable longing.

Discovering late that she was stuck in the middle,
And the reality was, that she'd eaten too little.

Her choices are like that of a game,
Multiple options that she was unable to claim.

She swallowed down hard on the remaining crumbs,
Completing the meal of what she had become.

But reversing the already eaten plate,
Would put her body behind its fate.


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