Sunday, February 17, 2008

my Pops

There is a split second when you realize that an immediate family member is a separate person. I'm not speaking of that moment in adulthood when we realize that our parents are fallable human beings that make choices- good and bad. It's the space that thrusts you back momentarily and things, people, and reactions become truly objective. The clouds shift and you're flying above. Your love for them is almost excruciating and you want to grab and squeeze them tight until all of their air escapes and you have extinguished this seemingly foreign feeling. It is an intense rush that is not only unbridled, but slightly compromising. When you reach out for them, it's as if you've never touched them before. Like a first date. You're anxious and apprehensive, but you must in fact touch them to send this energy their way. Through them. This person you LOVE. It probably could be classified as the momentary realization of their infinite love for YOU.

This is a recent photo of my Dad. He's the third from the right, photographed with Major General (MG) George Weightman.

Info courtesy of my Dad:

MG Weightman is the new Commander of the United States Army Medical Research and Material Command here at Fort Detrick. He succeeded LTG Eric Schoomaker who was nominated and approved by Congress to be the next Army Surgeon General.

Despite any glory this photo may invoke, my Pops has always been the only person that I will call my hero. He continues to believe in and inspire me, so I wanted to share a recent picture of the inspired.

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