Sunday, April 20, 2008

Chalk Shoes to the High Line

Last Wednesday--one of the first clear days of the spring season-- 8th graders from New York City's LAB school created a lime green chalk path to the the location of the High Line Park. The students collaborated with artist Julia Mandle to fashion her "chalk shoes", creating an arrowed guide to the High Line park's entrance on 10th Avenue and 18th street.

"chalk shoe" artist, Julia Mandle

super Wilson!

Various arrows. They'd count 12 steps, fan out on the left and right, then rejoin at the end of the line thus giving each student a turn and pointing travelers towards the destination.

Their teacher and my friend, Miss Rinna, flanked by the High Line in the sky.

The final arrow at the park's future entrance

Post the chalk adventure, Miss Rinna had the students reflect on the importance of bringing art to communities. The student's responses were enthusiastic, grasping the essential truth that art and community go hand in hand.

For more information and photos on "Chalk Shoes to the High Line", please visit the High Line's blog at -


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