Sunday, April 20, 2008

Coffee Talk

I used to say in high school that "boredom brings beautiful things". On a slow day at work, some of the staff at the Belgian coffee joint that I slave to make cash at passed a receipt scrap around and created a group story. We'd each write a few lines, and then pass it on to the next only revealing the last few words of our addition.

Here's the first, courtesy of Billy et moi:

It was an ordinary boring day. She entered the train.

The morning wind has disguised my lack of sleep. Bright yet sleepy eyes.

A man entered the train too. He noticed her from the corner of his eyes.

I saw approval there. He gave me secret stories silently and delicately.

They began a seduction. His name is Mr. Khan, the notorious killer, hunted.

I can change my occupation--in exchange for your fear--killer quality. Help me hunt today.

She smiled! She didn't understand yet what he meant. "Help you hunt today?", she answered back. "Why not? I'll be delighted!"

I've already conquered your delight. You are quick! Enjoy me.

He penetrated her savagely, forgetting that he was a man on the loose.

Chase please; I won't let you catch me--today.

They left the train together. A malicious wind blowing.

Eyes blinking; feet pushing and the chase is complete.

Here's another, written by at least 5 of the staff:

You demon whore! My passion, my weakness keep me up at night. Lost in a delirium of madness,

She couldn't sleep. Her dreams were endless thoughts of him,

Sinking into an oblivion on this bed of shame and longing.

Her decision to involve herself in such lost has cost her. But she cannot stop.

Slowly she descended with him into a bottomless pit.

A pit that only he could fill. This was her fault and she knew it.

She saw the glitter--a speck of deception in his eyes.

She has a secret as well.

The nights of incestuous love like father, her mother smile.

Her desire for more, plus waiting for more with such desire, wishing it won't stop.

He never stopped even though I firmly told him so. Ten minutes away. He delicately,

Penetrated her. She closed her eyes, her father entered her mind. Don't stop!

And he didn't. They remained one for eternity.

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