Thursday, December 4, 2008

goofy hairstyles

I was prepared to write a pretty scathing response to Thomas Golianopolous' write up on Ludacris' latest, Theater of the Mind, in the Voice. It would have said something to the effect of "farcical tones and downright condescension ain't nothing new to your average music critic's approach to hip hop". All true, but then I listened to the album.

I have been a Ludacris fan since his beginning and have proudly defended his "ho"-laden lyrics. For me, his music was never about being anti-woman or anti-anything for that matter--just blind aggression and raucous behavior. I enjoy offense and that coupled with his demeanor and voice, made his music all the more fun. His acting turn (Crash, Hustle and Flow, and Max Payne) seemed natural and it's a pleasure to watch him. In my experience, when a hip hop artist plays an "out of character" role, they usually rock that shit and leave an imprint on the film.

Holla Gridlock'd!

Therefore, why so insecure, my brother? We know you're talented. Remember this?

U Got A Problem? - Ludacris

It appears that the man has experienced himself rise to a new level of talent that he didn't know he was capable of and somehow, by writing over 10 songs about "how great he is", will prevent that feeling from going away.
Just keep believing, my dude, just keep believing.
And, also, please get back in the studio while you're at it and make something crazy like I'm used to.

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