Saturday, December 6, 2008

"Let's pretend my hand is the moon. It goes like this." - Carlo Alban from Sonnets

I would love to be a minimalist. I'm not. My room is essentially an overflowing bookshelf, baskets of scarfs, collaged walls, photos and CD cases stacked on a secretary desk. I blame it on my six year lifespan in the same apartment (after many spring cleanings) and really growing into my space as if it were an appendage. However, I can stare into the abyss and find sense and clarity. To most, it can be a bit overwhelming to behold. History usually is. There are aspects of my life that are simple amidst my seven half-read books stacked next to my bed. My goals are pretty specific and succinct. And my shoe collection has scaled down quite a bit recently. Ha!

My living space necessitates separation--an office and adjacent sleeping quarters. Right now, I have the file cabinet, but now I just need a place to put it.

Photos from the two week run of Sonnets at the Bank Street Theater, are courtesy of Rich Pfeil.

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