Saturday, July 18, 2009

ENCORE – 06/09 update

You are astounding and extremely peculiar.
Falling from your ascendant place.
Contact is made and I see beyond my recurring blur.
Enormous and valuable eye to skin, skin to eye.
Follow me, refuting earthly clarity,
And enjoy this disappearing moment.
(finite boundaries disregarded)
This jars my position, forcing my attention inward, upward, outward, towards you.
In your direction.
Without permission, we believe again.
Togetherness, unified, personified, objectified.
Allow me in, please.
Skin exudes shadow, warming the cradle my chest creates.
Your tips meet at my spine without tangling linen.
I inhale this; my desire’s dizziness contented by your weight.
Maintain, by lifting me towards heightened viscera.
Pulped bosom contract and members blossom into raunchy and delicious exaggeration.
Delirious delivery deserves deeper thrust.
Hip to hip, piped tree limbs smolder, engulfing.
Combustion occurs.
Breath collapsed kisses abound and envelope the ocean of mannequin parts.
Teeth separate, penetrate, puncture.
Exit, release. Exit, release,
Remaining within.
I collect your ribs in my mouth and discuss this matter in my cerebral mechanism,
Hoping that this vision of you is everlasting.
My bones clench upon the rows of your bones, tasting Adam, waiting for it to stain.
The innocence from your closed intent is mist decaying my chemicals of doubt and despair.
I cannot control myself.
Your hand's palms add stress to the fat of my hips,
Leaving your milky skin to curdle as I descend.

This is moonlight.

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