Sunday, July 19, 2009

week in review

Bastille Day in St. Erme, France

The fireworks on Bastille Day were definitely more than I expected. In St. Colombe two years prior, the display was in a small pasture and lasted less than five minutes. In attendance was the town's population of Kati the owner of Vival and possibly two or three other families. St. Erme's fireworks were impressive and certainly made me feel connected to my PAF group.

The next day, Catherine and Christophe, the couple that ran my previous residence, drove over to St. Erme to visit me. They brought productive news on Artistay (their new service that guides artists to find an appropriate residence and working space in France) and also the official and unfortunate news of the "for sale" sign on Cat'art. The plan is to empty my Swiss bank account and purchase it. Ha! Perfectly flanked by the Pyrenees and truly equipped with enormous studio space, it is a shame to know that a place is being sold.

I'm headed to Berlin on the 24th for Joanne's birthday. Leaving PAF will be bittersweet. Currently, it can become rare for me to have extended time for my work, therefore I will miss this place. I am creating a routine within this country as a solid place to work. At Cat'art, "work" was primarily a time to grieve and discuss as Baldwin called it my "unexamined pain", and now as an emerging artist I am able to watch my stagnancy fade in the distance, allowing me to seek a new environment. And the repeated lesson is that of respect--for my work, myself, my time. PAF churns on-- bubbling, bouncing, and baking-- and I know that I will return. Possibly in a month, considering I am homeless until December. Now, I am eager to see some cities. The urbanite living within me craves crowded sidewalks and bookstores.

The Genet project has a working title Saintete: a talent show. I am in love with the research. For a moment I thought my gender ballet would need to be a conjured caricature, and I was willing and prepared for that. However within Genet's writings as a beggar and prisoner, he discusses "the cultivation of sores", which is essentially the source and scorched edges of my final project. It deserves my time.

And apparently, there has been intense deliberation concerning American Healthcare reform...after all the fete in my inbox from the NYTimes, will someone just tell me how freelancers are going to get affordable healthcare? Please keep it simple.

Obama's NAACP speech continues to illuminate how valuable his presidency will be towards positive influence for black Americans. Not only is he an emblem that opportunity exists for the marginalized, but he places the responsibility of its discovery within our hands. Dream big. His words,"I want them aspiring to be scientists and engineers, doctors and teachers, not just ballers and rappers. I want them aspiring to be a Supreme Court Justice. I want them aspiring to be President of the United States.”

urban old Hollywood ballerina turned expatriate dancing detective...

but, still a Third World Diva Girl!
thank you bell hooks.

PAF 2009


Alicia said...

In the deepest sense possible: you are the coolest.

Sadia said...

So glad to see Catherine and Christophe here! And very sorry to hear the news about Cat'Art...Let us hope that it finds gentle owners.

Enjoy your days in Europe...may they all be filled with new ideas.

xo Sadia