Wednesday, September 9, 2009

TAKT open studios and Golden Parachutes

(excerpt from vagabond)

Leah and Joanne, doing the "old soul" dance.

On my last full day in Berlin, Joanne had her open studios at TAKT. Before attending the open studios, Joanne and I did some running around the city and took a free ride on the tram because the machines weren't working. A few hours later, I was ticketed on the UBahn for not validating my train pass. Ah, the irony. Which reminds me, I should probably take care of that...

I also went to visit my old friends Paul and Jesi from Cat'art at their new gallery, Golden Parachutes. The space is extremely impressive and Paul and Jesi are damn near fluent in German. Way to MAKE YOUR OWN DAMN MOVIE. I admire their perseverance.

nothing to eat, paper collage

On my way out, they pointed me in the direction of Viktoria Park for an all sides view of Berlin.

TAKT Open Studios: July 2009

Paper installations by Leah Hartman-Frankel

obermauerbrucke, one of Joanne's latest from her residency and one of my favs.

sculpture and collage by Natalie Wood

textual painting by Alice White

Sabra , visual artist and stop motion animator

paintings by Antonio

Much more can be viewed by clicking on the album below.

Berlin was a slanted journey. Transitional and expectant, therefore scattered and unfinished. Many of my creative goals and aspirations were invigorated, making my scope of the future sparkly and green. I felt anxious and motivated--a not always volatile combination. It could be best described as being in a hurry or late for work while riding the subway. Door shut, can’t move, and you can only wait for your stop.

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Aufvedersehen Jo Jo!

I also found myself missing my apartment and familiar faces. Running away from home will do that to you. At that point, I decided to listen to myself. On my flight back to Paris I hit the last pages of my latest notebook as I came to the realization that I should use my return ticket home and not prolong my trip. My expectations for some clarity had been met...possibly even prior to my expedition.

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I do believe I have reached a clearing.

Danke Arthur!

The Paris update is next!!!

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