Wednesday, October 3, 2007


It is easy to take jabs at people that think highly of themselves. This is something that has been said of me. My thought process in response tends to be, "well if I don't, then who the hell will?" It seems that in recent years and certainly within my generation, humility has been mistaken for self deprecation. Cutting ourselves down to make others feel good. That's not exactly the definition of the fact, it's the complete opposite. Humility should come naturally and shouldn't be some forced behavior we do out of guilt. Statistically, young adutls are pretty heavily medicated for our social and emotional slights, leaving us to second guess ourselves and our surroundings. We boast to get lifted, but then we cry ourselves to sleep at night. Let's eliminate one pill-poppin' step--try basking in the glow of WHO YOU ARE. I feel fortunate that I was raised to relish in my assets--see them as gifts and use them accordingly. Dumbing down for someone's comfort doesn't provide any growth or ascension. And, we mustn't forget that that is why we are here....for the most part.

Tap into your lovingkindness and let that lead you, but smile broadly and hold your head high in the meantime.

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Anonymous said...

So I knew someone during my high school days through an arts program we were both in. Since then she has gone to Julliard and is now the lead in an off-Broadway show. It is hard to walk the line - of believing that a person's worth is not measured by there college label or their current high-profile project- but rather there is no measure- we are the same, everyone, human, blood pumping, laughing, crying, sleeping, working, trying. It is really hard to keep this in mind- to realize potential is innate and being who you are is just doing what you do and thinking within this true, and unsocialized, framework - because this is where the creativity comes from- through.