Monday, October 8, 2007

Fresh and Fertile....fall art FALL!

Infinite Island at the Brooklyn Museum - A sprawling exhibit of 45 artists from 14 Caribbean nations declaring themselves as the rightful owners/originators/sinners of the projected getaway.

Midnight's Daydream
at the Studio Museum-- Three male artists-in-residence (Titus Khaphar, Wardell Milan II, Demetrius Oliver) tug aggressively at past marginalized ideals...displaying their relevance. If these are my compadres as I stomp towards the future, I am slightly at ease.

WARDELL MILAN's series Battle Royale-- Collaged photos based around Ralph Ellison's boxers The Invisible Man presented as vulnerable objects and players for a captive audience.

AND two new shows at the Whitney...

Neither New Nor Correct: New Work by Mark Bradford

collage at 2006 Whitney Biennial

and Kara Walker's My Complement, My Enemy, My Oppressor, My Love. There is a great retrospective written on her by Hilton Als in the most recent New Yorker.

Get to it...some of them will be leaving soon.


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