Monday, October 29, 2007


On my way home from a movie, I was eavesdropping on the subway. A group of anxious high school seniors OR college freshmen-- a fledgling bunch still in awe of the sound of their voice--sat directly behind me. There was a conversation of distant girlfriends, where every sentence ended in a question mark, and, even "clubbing" was mentioned. One main player, a boy, was called into question regarding his girlfriend at home and the girl on his arm. He seemed to be concerned and was anxious to chat with her when he returned to his hometown. Le dame au currant was a little deflated, but not defeated and continued to probe for an explanation for his mood. Suddenly voices lowered, tones softened, and passion rose a few notches between the pair. The other three continued their noisy train ride discussion of found objects and other sideshow randomness. The boy and girl murmured their close conversation and everyone listening (only me!) was privy to the innerworkings-- plumbing--of the forbidden love affair. Their whole intention seemed to originate as something slow and new, a flirtatious step up the ladder of dating and maturation. It was obvious that it had gotten away from them.

"Control has left me, and I can't feel another thing."

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