Friday, June 26, 2009


Batteries abound. The setback has been replenished.

My first week at PAF has been a week of adjustment, snaking the proverbial clogged toilet on the homefront (i.e. Astoria, Queens), and plenty of scribbling in my notebook.

The expansive property of PAF is heartwarming. It is comforting to know that a place like this exists. OMNIVOROUS will open something like this. I think I step into a new room-almost daily- on my search for a place to work. Some days the space you worked in the previous day may be occupied, leaving you to move elsewhere. There is the possibility to purchase reserved studio space, but this really isn't necessary on such a large property.

And the peacocks were completely unexpected. Today it rained and one of the peacocks was hanging out in a back studio--staying dry. Yes, I am nervous around them.

I had the lights turned out on me on my first trip to Intermarche. I'd lost track of time and they were closing with or without me pour midi. Vonneke was trapped as well, but fortunately she brought the car and could carry my heavy things home. On my way back with the electric bicycle, I got lost. (Electric bikes are fantastic on hills!!!) I spaced out, as I tend to do, and continued in the wrong direction for quite some time...and kilometers. And all I wanted to do is eat. I turned around and returned to where I'd came and managed to find my way home. For a moment, my delirium from not yet eating convinced me that I wasn't going to make it back. When I did make it back, Vonneke had set my groceries on the counter, and a few people were munching on their own lunch having simple conversation...completely unaware of my absence.
I secretly liked this. Let me disappear, please.

A few people gather for group yoga in the morning, but I can be too pensive for that. In New York, I like taking classes with strangers--less responsibility towards shared reflection or comparison of postures. I am only being truthful. I can be terribly lonesome and require loads of meditation. Yoga allows me to "dust my shoulders" off and straighten UP. I've done about 45 minutes of yoga each day and it has allowed me to recollect hidden breath - personal ventilation. Today, I practiced in the room above with the decaying ceiling.

I did some work in this room, but I have moved on to allow for a pair to have optimal space.

Les Noirs
is going really well. The door is OPEN and I've stepped in, falling in love with Genet more and more. I have a loose play outline and my research is coming along. Although, I am need of a dancer to choreograph "on". Maybe I will ask someone.

I have also returned to my freelancing circuit, something that had been on pause for the past two years as I took directing and teaching opportunities. I hope to have some work out there very soon...

'Til soon.

My PAF picasa album for your viewing pleasure.

PAF 2009

*I find myself in complete shock and a bit jarred by the news about Michael Jackson. It's all extremely bizarre. My mother was a huge fan, so much so, that neither my Dad or my sister and I could sit through one of his songs after her death-not until recently that is. I dreamt about her last night. It was strange to truly hear her voice. She was singing...or was I singing? But then, I woke up and read the Times headline. It never ceases to amaze me how life flows. As my sister said, "they must be getting down up there!"

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