Sunday, June 7, 2009

Totally TUBE-ular?

I don’t watch TV. I say this, in no attempt to negate anyone that does. Sincerely, I would watch if I could. My roommate and I never got hip to the HD necessity, so the thing hasn’t been clicked on in months and probably won’t be turned on by the June, something, deadline. It’s been great for my work. I write regularly and have been opening unread books on my shelf. Mostly starting several books and adding to my stack of the unfinished based on my current week of interest. I’ve also been rereading novels and poetry that have slipped through my fingertips from past immature experiences with them—high school, college.

God will not have His work made manifest in cowards. - Emerson

I rediscovered the Transcendentalists from my high school days—Thoreau and Emerson—and delighted in their current relevance as I reminisced.

In Don Delillo’s White Noise, Babette’s father says to Jack, “Is the television why everyone’s gone so stupid?”

I can certainly attribute it to my complacent past. As a disconnected high schooler desiring less accountability, yet somehow more responsibility (New York City!) , I would rush home from ballet class, plop my dinner plate on my pink tight lap and chomp down as I wept/laughed/ snarled dramatically at that evening’s slot of shows. To make matters worse, in college I would mercilessly and admittedly plan my class schedule around the TV Guide--thankfully, only when the classes had multiple time slots. I was self aware enough to not compromise requirements, enhancement, and good dialogue.

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Gretchen said...

I remember fondly my non-tv days. For about 10 years I only watched occasionally at friends houses or when I visited home. I listened to a lot more music and I never really missed it except if I was sick and just wanted to veg. That says something right there, huh? I only started watching again when I was in film school and actually had homework to watch certain things.