Tuesday, January 29, 2008

face it?

Don't take anything for face value.
Better yet, don't ACCEPT it.
It's a cowardly stance, that will leave you with misguided footing.

e.g. The features on my face are extremely dramatic. I have a large mouth and large eyes. My facial expressions are usually great for encouragement and admitted naysaying.

However, reacting to my expression as if you know what's on my mind is strictly prohibited. What is observed does not usually match the inner reality. Several times, I've experienced strangers or passersby, yelping at me with pained generosity, "Smile!", as if I possess a scowl more miserable than Judas. Truth be told, I was probably going over my grocery list.

Albeit it literal--that's my example.

Nothing is ever what we think it is, so why not dig deeper? Hope for layers, mystery, and secrets. Be a student.


Sharla said...

I was getting tea at Tisserie in Union Square last night and the barista boy commanded me to 'smile'. When I did weakly I thought to myself [why the fuck am I letting this stranger...] and he was like "everything OK?" and I was like "Have a good one." [making my irritation known.]

Why do strangers in NY feel this entitled & why does it bother me so much?



Lauren said...

This has happened to me more times than I can remember. If I walked around with a huge smile on my face everyday, then everyone would think I was weird...which should it be?